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The Parker-Fitzgerald Cuchara Mountain Park is operated and managed by the 501c3 nonprofit, Panadero Ski Corporation, in agreement with Huerfano County. 


Panadero Ski Corporation is guided by the following:


Act as stewards for Cuchara Mountain Park, offering year-round, affordable, and fun recreational and educational opportunities for everyone.


Cuchara Mountain Park is a sustainable, all-season attraction open to all residents and visitors of Huerfano County to enjoy and learn about outdoor recreation and build an appreciation for nature. 

Core Values

  • Skiing and snowsports provide year-round outdoor recreation and exercise, an important part of a healthy lifestyle contributing to fitness, self-confidence, community building, and time in nature. This kind of lifestyle should be available to everyone. 

  • Diverse outdoor recreational opportunities make our community a more attractive place to live and visit. As we grow, Cuchara Mountain Park will provide a backdrop for families to make lasting memories, for businesses to thrive, and for fulfilling employment opportunities.

  • Cuchara Mountain Park and the adjacent public land are a valued resource and must remain available for the whole community to enjoy. 

The Panadero Ski Corporation is comprised of an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

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