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Sledding and Snow Play at Cuchara Mountain Park

We welcome all to use Cuchara Mountain Park in the winter, but for your safety and of other park users you MUST restrict sledding and snow play activities to designated areas ONLY (see map below). Everyone MUST register with us to use the sledding and snow play area! There is no sledding EVER on the ski runs.


Cuchara Mountain Park Snow Play Area Registration 2022/23

To use CMP's official snow play and sledding zone you must register! To use this designated zone, fill out this free, one-time registration during the 2022/23 winter. Every person must complete this registration prior to play (including supervising adults).


For the safety of all Cuchara Mountain Park guests, sledding on Cuchara Mountain Park Ski trails is strictly prohibited. However, guests may sled if they have registered here in advance and use the designated snow play and sledding location to the north of the park (see  map).



  • Do not sled outside this area

  • BYOS -Bring your own sled.

  • Snow Play Zone opens at 9 am and closes at sunset. 

  • Play area is open to families of all ages.

  • Children must be always supervised by an adult

  • Smiles and giggling are recommended.

  • This area is designed for use with plastic sleds and building awesome snowmen and other snow sculptures.

  • Skis and snowboards are not permitted in the area.

  • No alcohol or glass allowed

  • No rough play allowed

  • Proper footwear and clothing recommended - it's cold out there!

  • Use at your own risk.

  • This Snow Play Zone is not monitored or patrolled and users should use their sole judgment about snow conditions and the safety of the area.

  • Dogs – you love your pet. Keep them out of harm's way and on a leash at all times.


For emergencies, please call 911.



Caution: Snow play can be hazardous. Risks include but are not limited to collisions with natural or man-made objects or other individuals, and variable natural and man-made walking and sliding surfaces including but not limited to snow, packed snow, and ice, and injuries or death may result.

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