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Cuchara Mountain Park Dark Sky Initiative 

Do you love the Dark Sky and Bright Stars above Cuchara Mountain Park?

We do, too! Panadero Ski Corp. and Cuchara Foundation Volunteers are working hard to certify Cuchara Mountain Park as a Dark Sky Park through the International Dark-Sky Association.

We want to join other areas of Colorado working to reduce light pollution!

Learn more about the International Dark-Sky Association and other Dark Sky Areas here: 


What makes a Dark Sky Park important and special?

1)      The park meets rigorous criteria for a dark-sky place (low light pollution within the park and from external sources such as neighboring structures and municipalities).

2)      The park's outdoor lighting fixtures are thoughtfully chosen and maintained so people and wildlife are safe and minimally impacted by the excess artificial light they produce.

3)      The park provides year-round public access for night-time enjoyment of the dark sky.

4)       The park provides educational opportunities to learn more about dark sky benefits in our private and public outdoor spaces.

5)      The park is committed to maintaining and preserving its dark sky conditions and educational infrastructure, now and for future generations.

Many thanks to the Cuchara Foundation for sponsoring this initiative. To learn more about the Cuchara Foundation go to

If you have specific questions about this initiative or want to volunteer, email Kristy Martinez at

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