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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the lift running?

Answer: It certainly is; however, we still have several costly inspections to complete before the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board will allow us to transport guests uphill. Donations are greatly appreciated to make these happen!

Question: Are you open? What are your hours?

Answer: Yes; however, Lift 4 is not transporting guests. You may come to the park any day of the year between dawn and dusk to sled, hike up and ski down, snowshoe, or any other number of activities.

Question: Can I book a room?

Answer: Cuchara Mountain Park is a public park, not a resort. We suggest working with local rental companies to arrange a visit. Please visit our Lodging and Refreshments page for our great local options

Question: Are there still ski chair donations available?

Answer: All chairs are currently adopted, but we have many other ways your can still support us. As a 501c3 organization all donations are tax deductible. We are offering corporate partnerships for and you can also sponsor a lift tower for $5,000! Please go to the donate page or our sponsorship information page for more details, or contact us. Anything and everything helps now matter how small or large.

Question: Do you offer lessons?

Answer: At the moment, we do not; however, as part of our longer term strategy, we want to make skiing available to everybody. Providing lessons at an affordable rate is one of our key goals.

Question: What are your ticket prices?

Answer: We are still doing the math, but our intent is to make skiing at Cuchara Mountain Park affordable for all!

Question: Do you rent skis?

Answer: Not yet, but again, this is a goal of ours. We want to provide all users the opportunity to learn affordably and rental equipment is key to that goal. Currently, the closest rental shops are Edge Ski, Paddle, and Pack in Pueblo and Kristi Mountain Sports in Alamosa.

Question: What about the other lifts? Are there plans to open the entire mountain?

Answer: Not at this time. Opening the entire mountain to lift-served skiing faces many challenges and barriers, and will cost a lot of money. We are focused lift-served skiing, via Lift 4, within Cuchara Mountain Park and we believe this will provide a unique skiing experience that is affordable and accessible for all, geared toward kids, families, and beginners. Plus the old runs above CMP will always be open for backcountry/alpine touring free of charge for those wanting to explore all of the old ski area.

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